About Bill Slatkin

Born during WW II, grew up in a fairly stable, moderately dysfunctional family, a product of the reasonably competent Denver school system and graduate of the University of Colorado – Boulder. *Followed my heart instead of a career plan, leading me to a number of jobs: journalism, public relations, advertising and marketing, business brokerage, sales (including used cars), publishing, free-lancing and a few other things.

The Ampex Contribution to U.S. Diplomatic History

While the Ampex videotape recorder is accepted as a revolutionary tool in television broadcasting, education, science, medicine and many other endeavors throughout the world, few people know about how the Continue Reading →

The Birth of Videotape Recording

The last day of November marked the 60th anniversary of a history making broadcasting event that inaugurated a new era in the way we participate in communication, education, and entertainment. Continue Reading →